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The Ultimate Guide to Doodles NFTs: Everything You Need to Know

As the DeFi market continues to expand, investors are becoming more aware that bitcoin is not the only asset that has the potential to generate enormous rises in value. It is appealing to many investors to consider exchanging diverse assets on an open market.

Several NFT programs have had tremendous success in recent years, resulting in significant benefits and, in some instances, altering the lives of those involved. The aesthetically attractive color palette and community-driven DAO have probably contributed to the success of Doodles, which is one of the many successful initiatives that have been developed. You might wonder, “what is a doodle.” Here in this article, we will discuss it in length.

What Do Doodles Mean?

A community-driven NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain, Doodles is a social network for drawing. A unique address on the blockchain is assigned to each NFT, and this address cannot be copied or forged.

This enables evidence of ownership to be shared across the community and eliminates any worries about taking screenshots of the work to prove that it belongs to someone. There are only 10,000 distinct Doodles available, each of which has a vibrant array of colors and characteristics.

What is A Doodle Dog? 

There are 9,999 adorable tiny doggos residing on the Ethereum blockchain in the Doodle Dogs collection. Dogs are created using a computer algorithm that combines a range of hand-drawn characteristics randomly allocated together. While focused on rewarding its community first and foremost, Doodle Dogs NFT aspires to develop fully organically (i.e., no paid promotion).

What Is It Like to Own a Doodle Dog?

Doodle Dog ownership is fulfilling because you have a new, adorable best friend in your possession. It entails participation in community activities that include prizes, airdrops, and other exciting opportunities. Doodle Dogs aspires to be largely driven by the community, which implies that its owners will play an important part in determining the project’s long-term viability.

In addition to this, Doodle Dogs was founded to give back to the community. As a result, a part of the cash donated will be utilized to directly assist a small number of “no-kill” animal shelters around the United States that have been hand-picked. The Doodle Dogs team is looking forward to the challenges ahead and is dedicated to delivering great service to its customers.

Advantage of Holding Doodles NFT

Holding a Doodle allows investors to participate in coordinating the Doodles Community Treasury. Holders can vote for different activations and campaigns that benefit the community. The roadmap for the project is also determined by its holders.

Another perk of holding a Doodle would be the access to exclusive meet-ups for Doodles holders. One party was previously hosted for Doodles holders, while many more are being coordinated for the future. This allows holders to network with other investors in the community while attending exclusive events.

Doodles Now in Space

In Space Doodles, you will embark on your first journey into the galaxy, where you will encounter joy and rainbow puke. It’s the first little step toward revealing our cosmos to collectors via hundreds of spaceships made by Burnt Toast, and it’s an exciting one.

What is it that your Doodle is looking for? What is the direction of travel? How many other Doodlers are there in your immediate vicinity? Our first step towards illuminating the cosmos begins with your Doodle, which has the secret to addressing these questions.

To obtain their Space Doodle, which has a distinct look and capabilities inside their ship, all Doodlers must first claim their Space Doodle for free. Doodles’ proficiency in Space is defined by characteristics such as “bladder management” and “piloting skill.”

Masterminds Behind Doodles NFT

Evan Keast, Scott Martin, and Jordan Castro are the three creators of Doodles NFT, who go by the identities Tulip, Burnt Toast, and Poopie in the community.

Among the Doodles NFT team members, Burnt Toast (Scott Martin) is the primary illustrator. He is an artist, animator, designer, and muralist based in Canada, whose work has appeared in a number of worldwide campaigns and publications, among other things. Dropbox, Facebook, Google, and Red Bull are just a few of the well-known companies he has worked with.

Tulip (Evan Keast) came to Doodles with a background in marketing and gaming, and he was also one of the most sought-after NFT consultants in the industry before co-founding the company. Dapper LabsNFT ventures, including CryptoKitties, were all successful, and he played an important part in their success. Keast has also worked with various other businesses, including NBA Top Shot, Cheeze Wizards, and Flow.

Poopie (Jordan Castro) has worked as a blockchain developer since 2013, and he formerly served as the team leader for the CryptoKitties project at Dapper Labs.

The Doodles ecosystem is made up of various characters, including humans, apes, pickles, aliens, skeletons, popsicles, and more. This NFT collection follows in the footsteps of other notable collections in the area, such as Bored Apes and CryptoPunks, and this is a good thing.

How to Buy Doodles NFTs

The cheapest Doodle now on the market is around $30,000. Although this price tag may be too costly for most people, the following is the procedure if you are interested in learning more about how these assets are acquired.

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Step 1: Create an Online Account 

The Doodles NFTs are based on the Ethereum network, which is an open-source platform. Acquiring some Ether would be the first step towards purchasing a Doodle. This may be accomplished by creating a trading account on a best cryptocurrency exchange such as Gemini or Coinbase. This procedure entails proving your identity by choosing a form of government identification and uploading a photograph corresponding to the identification type.

After you have validated your account on a trading platform, you will be able to fund it using the payment method of your choice. Debit or credit cards and direct bank transfers are the most prevalent ways of financing.

Step 2: Purchase or Download A Wallet

It is necessary to utilize a software wallet such as Metamask to buy your NFTs from the OpenSea marketplace to get your Ether. For further security, once you have acquired your desired NFT, you should transfer your Ether and NFT to a hardware wallet like Ledger for storage.

Best Hardware Wallet: Ledger

Ledger is one of the most popular hardware wallets on the bitcoin wallets market right now. In its most basic form, the gadget is an offline hardware wallet that can also be connected to Bluetooth and USB, depending on whether you want to use it with your computer or your mobile phone. An app available for Ledger makes it simpler to encrypt, store, and manage your digital assets.

Best Software Wallet: MetaMask

A decentralized mobile software wallet, Metamask holds no cash on its own and instead relies on the blockchain to store all of your cryptocurrency assets. The greatest thing is that Metamask encrypts all of your personal information and keystrokes.

Step 3: Transfer ETH to Metamask

You must then transfer the necessary quantity of ETH from your exchange account into your wallet once you have acquired ETH on an exchange. To achieve this, you must first connect to your Metamask account and then copy the wallet address from the screen. The address may then be pasted into the “send” option on the exchange once it has been copied from the clipboard.

Ethereum transactions may take anywhere from one to fifteen minutes to complete, depending on the amount of money involved. Sending ETH from an exchange to your wallet should incur negligible gas costs; however other transactions on the Ethereum network may incur fees of up to $100 per transaction, depending on the transaction.

Step 4: Confirm your purchase.

Once your ETH has been successfully sent to your Metamask wallet, you may go to OpenSea. Now that you have connected your wallet to OpenSea, you will have the ability to buy a Doodle. Some NFTs may have a “buy now” pricing if the owner decides to put their NFT on the market. Otherwise, you will be able to bid on any NFT that you like, with the owner choosing to accept or reject your proposal.

Point to Note: Keep in mind that the person who accepts the transaction is responsible for the gas fee. You are responsible for the gas fee if, for example, you wish to purchase an NFT using the “buy now” option on the website. If you place a bid on an item and your offer is approved, the owner will cover the cost of your gas fee.

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Prices of Current Crypto 

At the moment, Next Cryptocurrency to Explode 2022  such as Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to tumble as they have reached lower highs. For Bitcoin to reverse its downward trend, the first quarter of 2022 will be a critical deciding factor for the whole cryptocurrency industry.

Is Getting a Doodle Worth it?

Doodles NFTs, like many other initiatives, are purely hypothetical and have no basis in reality. The worth of these goods is entirely in the eyes of the person who owns them.

Many people find benefit in being a part of the community. Purchase a Doodle, and you will be one of 10,000 people who will be invited to join an exclusive group. Others see value in benefits such as special parties for Doodles holders, and other individuals are actually interested in purchasing an NFT only for the art on the piece itself.

Purchasing a Doodle is a worthwhile investment if the artwork and bonuses interest you.

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